About Enerfix

"Powering Your Future, One Automated Solution at a Time"

Enerfix Limited has evolved significantly since its establishment in 1998. Originally a local engineering firm with just one employee specializing in factory automation solutions, it has now grown into a global entity serving factories, System Integrators, and other industrial automation and process control companies across the globe.

Global Trust

Our clientele spans over 50 countries, with customers trusting us to fulfill their process control instruments and industrial automation product needs.

Empowering Global Industries

In response to the growing demand for industrial automation products worldwide, Enerfix Limited launched an online shop in 2020, expanding its reach and accessibility to customers globally.

Driving Industrial Excellence

Since 2020, Enerfix Limited has been a leader in integrating Automation Systems for Industrial Applications in the United Kingdom. Our presence in various industrial sectors since our inception is attributed to the expertise of our skilled technicians and the quality of services we provide.

Our Vision, About Enerfix

Our Services:

Enerfix provides a diversified range of products to meet any process control and automation challenges in the industry. We stock and distribute PLC, HMI, Power Supply, Industrial communication, PC-based Automation, Motion Control System, sensors, PLC, DCS, HMI, measuring instruments and other field instruments.

We keep in our stock a variety of parts and instruments to serve the urgent need in critical time or in time of unexpected breakdown. This ensures that your capital is not tied up unnecessarily and help to protect production if problems arise with the normal supply chains.

 We are constantly striving to keep up with the pace of latest development in information technology and to enhance competency. The establishment of our online webstore compliments the aim of the company to provide products and services to customers around the world. We are committed to supporting the need of the industries globally for any industrial automation products and process control instruments by eliminating high cost, monitoring market requirement and reducing uncertainty and complexity in system. We are continuously expanding and calibrating our inventory and resources in order to meet the harshest challenges and requirement via stock diversification and efficient inventory control.

In a world where change is constant and competition is fierce, Enerfix Automation is your trusted partner for staying ahead of the curve. Join us in shaping the future of industry through innovation, collaboration, and sustainability. Together, let’s unlock new possibilities and drive towards a brighter, more efficient tomorrow.